About FBM Trading

FBM Trading Co. Inc. was founded in 1995 and is located in Joshua, Texas. Our inventory selection has continued to grow over the years to meet our customer’s needs for quality engines, which in turn keeps their customer’s needs met. We provide qualified replacement Diesel Engines at fair prices. We strive to supply the Industrial, Oil and Gas, Marine, Rail Road and Mining industries worldwide with qualified new and used Diesel Engines.

There are many different applications that Diesel Engines are used, here are a few:

  • Hospital for emergency generator service
  • Transportation Industry in trucks
  • Transit Authority in buses
  • Waste Management Companies for trucks
  • Road Construction Companies in their equipment
  • Mining Companies for their equipment
  • Farmers for their equipment
  • Fishing vessels are run on Diesel Engines
  • Tug Boats and Ship Diesel Engines
  • Airports for tugs, jetways, embarking/disembarking crawlers, people movers, luggage bands, k-loaders and other equipment
  • Plus many more applications of diesel engines and parts.